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A Long-Anticipated Meet Up
makingthemproud wrote in eraofhogwarts
Who: Neville and Luna
Open? Don't think so.
When: Saturday, around noon.
Where: Starts at the Leaky Cauldron, goes to Diagon Alley
What: Neville and Luna meet up to go shopping and talk about their summers.

Neville waited patiently for Luna to show up. He'd arrived early, clearly nervous, and was now worrying that she wasn't going to come. He wouldn't have put it past her to forget; she certainly had a lot to do, from the sound of it, and why would she want to meet up with him, anyway?
There he went again. Neville sighed. Lily was right; this self-loathing did no good for anyone. Luna was his friend, and he knew that she did care about him, in that odd spacey little way of hers. 
Neville had avoided getting a Butterbeer; he knew it was barely alcoholic, but he didn't want to take the risk, today of all days. Not that he thought that he'd actually have the nerve to tell Luna, but that didn't mean that he wanted to act like a complete idiot around her, either. Sighing, he resisted the urge to bury his face in his hands. What was wrong with him?
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Luna strolled spacily along toward the Leaky Cauldron. She had been too busy to really spend time with any friends this summer. To spend it with Neville first pleased her greatly. Her bright red concoction of a dress swirled around her as she walked.

The door jingled as she walked in and stared slowly around, searching for her friend. As she waited for her eyes to adjust to the dimmer light, she checked to make sure that she had her shopping list with her. There were only some things she'd be able to get here at Diagon Alley. She would check out those "yard sales" that Rowena said that Muggles had.

She found Neville off to the side and waved cheerfully at him as she made her way over.

There was no mistaking her; her clothes really spoke for themselves. Neville sighed, relieved. She was here. She'd showed up. She hadn't stood him up. "Luna!" he called. He couldn't deny that he stomach felt oddly... fluttery as she waved and smiled at him, walking over.

He wasn't going to screw this up. He wasn't going to let himself screw this up. Not that Luna would really notice if he did... she was a bit too out there to be privy to subtle (and not-so-subtle) things that would make Neville cringe and berate himself.

But today he was going to take Lily's advice. He wasn't going to belittle himself. He was going to be confident and sure of himself.

...But that was a lot harder than it looked.

"Er... d'you want a Butterbeer?" he asked her awkwardly. "Or would you rather go into Diagon Alley now?"

"I would love a butterbeer, thank you!" Luna grinned at him as she sat down. "This should be the last bit for the house today. I've been around all sorts of Muggle shops for furniture and dishes and things. Fascinating places. This one store was floor to ceiling with household items like curtains and rugs and towels and dishes. I even followed Rowena's advice and went to these things called 'yard sales!' You find the most amazing little devices."

She was rambling a bit, but she was so excited to see Neville, that she just couldn't help herself. Letters just didn't cut it sometimes. She studied his face as she talked. He had the sweetest eyes, really. And as much as others might look down on him or dismiss him as incompetent, she felt that he just needed some assistance. She realized that she had trailed off as she had studied him, so she went into direct questioning. People tended to find her scrutiny unsettling, she had noticed. Not that it stopped her.

"How was your summer?"

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