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A Chance Meeting
will_to_power37 wrote in eraofhogwarts
Who: Tom and Snape
Open? Technically.....
When: After Tom moves in with Fenrir, before school
Where: Diagon Alley
What: Tom runs into Snape after applying for a job at Borgin and Burkes an alley away.

Tom sighed as he stepped into the sunlight of Diagon Alley. He had just put in his resume at a rather shady shop in Knockturn Alley, felt it would go exactly as he desired, and was now aimlessly wandering through the wizarding world. He had nothing better to do. Besides, observing those around him was his favorite game. Who knows who he might see, or what information he could learn?
He stopped by the broom shop and rolled his eyes at the boys gawking at the window. Sports. Psh. He had more important things on his mind. Now that he had a foot out into the real world, he was ready to begin a new phase of life. One of action, one of influence! One that would get things done! He was tired of throwing ideas back and forth with other "intellectuals". The eve of ACTION was upon him.

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Severus was always overjoyed when his father took business trips, even if it happened for a day or merely a few hours. He was able to manage his spells with his mother, and more importantly, she helped him decide what things to brew in the short time they had just the two of them. Today, however, he was being allowed out to Diagon Alley for some ingredients. It helped that he could apparate of his own volition, and packed a small satchel with wizarding space for the trip before heading off.

Popping around the corner from anyone's direct path, Severus scoffed at how he should find a better way to travel. At least it was better than floo travel, which made you filthy. He already had a bad reputation for hygiene, so that wouldn't help. Turning the corner and adjusting the satchel, he noticed Tom passing the broom shop. Really? He didn't think the older boy was interested in that sort of thing and narrowed his eyes curiously. Perhaps he was people watching. Perhaps...

His mind immediately went back to what he wanted to accomplish, and he stopped staring long enough to attempt passing Tom and the others who were merely taking up space and wasting his time at the moment. Merlin, why couldn't people just stay home when he wanted to run an errand?

Tom turned just in time to see a familiar dark figure pass him by. What luck! Someone he actually didn't consider a total waste to society...even if he was half-blood.

"Severus!" he called out in a jovial, overly friendly tone. "A bright spot for sore eyes! Not every day I see you out and about." His dark thoughts only added to his happy demeanor. He had only just been seeing himself as the object of the broom-happy boys' affections and aspirations, teaching them the true way to live as wizards, eliminating any talk of mating with Muggles, being worshipped as a saviour of the magical race....he was all a flush with preconceived glory!

Damn. Not that he didn't care for Tom in the least as a wizard, but the boy liked to pry and kept Severus on his toes, and Severus had hoped for a quiet shopping trip. They shared one or two commonalities, but really that was where the similarities ended. Severus still wasn't sure if they were more than casual acquaintances if only because he couldn't figure Tom out. Ah well, spotted already meant a conversation, however brief.

"Tom," he turned, expression somewhere between a grimace of being caught and a forced look of politeness. "No, not every day, just today." The boy's eyes looked all around to take in his surroundings, as was his wont. That was all he needed--Potter or Black rounding up behind him while he was trying to close his mind to Tom. Tom, however, was -- dare he think -- glowing. Severus backed up a little so his back was to a wall and shielded for the moment. "What...brings you here?"

Tom noticed the nervousness of course, but seeing as his ego was flying sky high, he could only feel a surge of glee at his presence causing such a reaction. One day it would be more the norm....he hoped.
"Well, I've quite had it with that filthy Muggle orphanage." he spat, though somehow it didn't seem to take any of the happiness out of his mood. "I've started living on my own with a friend in Hogsmeade. I came here to apply for a job, which I've done and which will, I suspect, end up being a success, and now I'm simply walking about, looking for something to catch my special interest. Then, of course, I ran into you. Good fortune! I am simply all aflutter at being emancipated. And with my schooling being shortened this year..." he sighed again in a way that any passerby could have mistaken for one of a man in love. "...I feel as if the possibilities have become endless." His eyes grew dark and crafty at this last word, the weight of his meaning etching his face with a devilish sneer that was there for a second and then replaced by the handsome grin. "It's time to make my mark. And you as well! Seventh year! I suppose you're here for school supplies?"

Severus nodded, watching him and listening, his eyebrow arching slowly every so often at the older boy's reactions. He couldn't tell what it was that had him so gleeful, but he was certain it wasn't just leaving the orphanage. He considered prying, but waited as it was better to be protected before deciding to poke into another's mind.

Adjusting the satchel strap, Severus' lips quirked in a more relaxed fashion: a sign he wasn't quite threatened by the older boy. "Something along those lines, you might say. Potions ingredients. I'm not shopping for school yet." His expression became more curious as the idea of the opportunist working only meant connections. "Where did you wish to work?"

"Promise you won't laugh." Tom winked though he hardly expected Snape to. "I applied to Borgin and Burkes. Unorthodox, I know, but its the people there I wish to be acquainted with. One meets the most interesting characters, hears the most fascinating rumors, not to mention comes in contact with most unprecedented forms of magical objects...I figured what better way to start my new life? Of course, it's only part-time. Aside from school, I've other important things I must begin!" He rubbed his hands together in anticipation. How he felt like a rocket about to take off into the world, to explode through it as a harbinger of the new and improved....he was almost oblivious to Snape's discomfort and wariness, indeed he almost found it fitting .
"Making another of your homemade brews this time? How I do enjoy your experiments!" Which was true. If there was anyone willing to dabble in the Dark arts more than Tom, it was Severus, and how Tom loved the results!

That explained it. Severus found himself nodding and the twinge of desire to poke into Tom's mind lifted the hairs on the back of his neck. Other important things was far too vague. In spite of his curiosity, "ah" was all he said.

"Improving an older brew, actually." It did help that Tom actually appreciated his efforts. Severus didn't mind so much that Tom knew about his own dabbling when Tom could possibly do something about it. Anything to bring him a little higher than his current life seemed to place him. "If you would care to join me...I do have something of a schedule to keep."

It was a tease, admittedly. If Tom cared enough to continue the conversation, he could follow and make it look like he had Severus' back. Severus counted on this as he'd dangled the proverbial carrot in front of the older boy's face. What brew was he improving and why? As Severus walked by him, his lips curled, almost appearing to not care in the hopes Tom would boast a bit more.

"Why, of course! I've nothing to keep me." He had Severus' curiosity, he could tell! And why shouldn't he? After all, his thoughts, his ways, his dreams were on the verge of being realized, dreams of power, prestige, and a new world order...well, of course, all of that would take time, but being on his own brought it all so much nearer. Why shouldn't Snape be intrigued at the little plots he was crafting about in his head? Not that he was going to make it that easy, mind you, and Tom made sure his brain remained the steel trap he prized himself in crafting to ensure that Severus remained in the dark. It wasn't that Tom didn't trust him, he simply didn't like being premature. When the moment was right, all would be revealed...if he felt Snape worthy of it, of course. He was still iffy on that part. Being unable to get into the younger boy's mind at a whim didn't help things. Or his infatuation with a certain Mudblood.
Without realizing it, Tom relaxed into Severus's pace, completely at ease with life and his surroundings.
"Which brew is it?" he asked. Was he curious? Of course! Did he notice the carrot as a ruse to get him to tag along? Hardly. Besides, why wouldn't Snape want him around? It was all simply natural to a Tom who was still caught up in his daydreams.

Severus smirked at hooking Tom the way he'd figured he would, asking about the brew and following him to buy ingredients. Continuing into the shop and over to a corner where the things he desired most would be, he pretended to be more interested in the proper ingredients than his company. Thankfully the shop was practically empty, so his low voice would carry just enough to reach Tom's ears.

"I'm combining two effects to see if it's possible to only need one potion. He held up one vial, narrowing eyes with scrutiny. It wasn't the right colour or consistency, and he knew that, but it became his new focus when he spoke to Tom again, looking him in the eyes. He only did that when he was certain his mind was closed off well enough. "So you've escaped both prisons. Now what?" His hand slowly returned the vial to the counter as an eyebrow arched, waiting for the answer in more ways than one.

It was like playing a most intricate game of chess, except Tom had more to give and more to gain than Severus did...and thereby more to lose. But he was never above taking risks. In fact, he wasn't even aware that there was a risk to take. Not today. Not now.
"Now? Now the fun begins."
Just a sliver, just a taste. He couldn't admit anything in public like this but...just an inkling of what he had planned. Such as dabbling more into a certain type of Dark Magic that would make him practically immortal. He had already accomplished one, in fact. A piece of his web of plans for the future. Enough to have Severus's full attention, or so he hoped. He slowly opened a tiny crack into his head. Snape's reaction would determine if more were to come.

A sliver was all Severus wanted, really. If he knew too much, Tom might feel threatened and Severus would be yet another target to people. He didn't want to be a target, he wanted to know what Tom Riddle considered fun. After the dabbling of Dark Magic he saw, however, he wished he hadn't known.

Schooling his face to only look mildly surprised, he turned away before the memory's end and reached for another vial. This time it was the correct vial and he knew it. "Well," he began, decidedly not looking at Tom directly any longer. "They say the best things come after school's end." He didn't want to say too much as he shopped for other ingredients, muttering about each of them. "Really, you would think these would be fresher..."

"I do hope so." Tom replied wistfully, a little peeved at his inability to tell what Severus thought, if anything, about his little plan. "Were you going to tell me what these are for?" He did, of course, expect a little more openness, though he was recalling how hit or miss Snape could be...but so talented! He would never admit it, but Severus was the only person he found baffling. Who else was really as gifted as Tom was, especially where unlocking (or locking) minds was concerned! It almost made him uneasy if it weren't for his absolute confidence in himself that he could win the young man over.

"Not really, no." Severus knew he was flirting with danger by not telling Tom, but he wasn't about to share every last little detail, and he liked the idea of showing the older boy how secretive he was. Some things weren't going to be shared, and he continued to look off elsewhere while shopping. "I'll need a few more of these," he picked out three vials and a container. Roots, slicing utensils, and one ugly looking dragon's part.

While reaching for a final ingredient, he spoke to Tom again -- still refusing to look at him. "I suppose you took the idea of putting a stopper in death literally." Yes it was monotone and spoken with very little curiosity, which hinted that Severus knew his plans, but it also showed that he wasn't about to shoot his mouth off about it either. It was casual as though he had commented on the weather.

"And why not?" Tom made sure to mix in a pinch of hurt-edging-on-anger in that question. He had almost forgotten how Severus enjoyed playing these games with him and it was putting a damper on his extra-special mood. He sighed at the last remark, appreciating Snape's recognition of his secret.
"I aim to conquer the unconquerable. In every regard. Too long have we just put up with things. Why not change them? I'm a big fan of change." Ambiguous, of course. But then again, Horcruxes weren't entirely all he was talking about either. Two could play at this game, Severus.

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