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Cupcake Trains!
listen this is the sound of myth
blessed_broc wrote in eraofhogwarts
Who: Helga and you!
Open: Yes plz.
When: Shortly after the Hogwarts Express gets underway!
Where: One of the compartments, third car
What: Sit yer ass down and eat yer damn cupcake!

Helga had managed to wedge her way through throngs of students, toting both her suitcase and her trays of cupcakes, and into a blessedly open compartment in the third car. So she set down the trays, shoved her trunk into the overhead rack, and settled in.

She had seen so many friends already, but kept the promise of cupcakes to the train ride. Barely able to sit still as she rearranged the trays and ensured that none of the cupcakes were squished (thanks to her grandmother's charms, as she was still unable to perform magic outside of school), Helga made sure to keep the door to the compartment open and hoped that the smell of baked good would bring people over!

Until then, she settled down into one of the seats and pulled out her book.

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To say that Christoph was tired would be a massive understatement. He was a boy that needed his sleep, and he'd barely gotten any the previous night. It hadn't taken him long to get to sleep once he had arrived at his hotel room (by that time, it was well past two a.m.), but, due to habit, he'd woken up no later than eight-thirty. Once it had become obvious that he was simply not going to be able to get back to sleep, he took a shower, hoping that the cold water would wake him up. He was sorely disappointed when it didn't.

So he'd checked out early and managed to stow his trunk in messenger bag (the benefits of being able to perform magic outside of school). He'd treated himself to a fully decent breakfast at some restaurant or another, and paid with a credit card, as the only even vaguely British currency he had was a bunch of galleons and sickles and knuts. And then he went to King's Cross, passed through to the platform, and waited. He'd boarded soon after the train arrived, stopping only to help a student (clearly a first year) with their trunk.

Christoph wandered up and down the train for somewhere to sit, and finally settled on a compartment in the third car. That was when he smelled it. Cupcakes. It had been a while since breakfast, so he supposed that it couldn't do any harm. He got out of the compartment after taking his trunk out and stowing it on the overhead rack. The smell was coming from two compartments down; he didn't have to look to know that it was Helga. He knocked lightly on the door frame. "Hello."

Helga sat up immediately at the sound of the knock on the door frame, setting aside the book as she did so. "Hello, Christoph!" she chimed, quite delighted. "Come in, take a seat!" She waved a hand at the open seats across from her. "I hope your summer was delightful~"

She picked up one of the trays and held it out towards him. "Care for a cupcake?" It was safe to say that she was quite excited that someone actually HAD come for a cupcake; even though it was still very early into the train ride, it always made her nervous when nothing happened right away.

No matter what happened, Christoph found that he was almost always taken aback with how cheerful Helga always seemed to be. Sure, he was happy most of the time, but Helga almost radiated cheerfulness. Once he got used to it again, it was always refreshing. It was one of the reasons why he was friends with her, though befriending someone so much younger than him hadn't exactly been a fully conscious decision. Then again, friendship rarely seemed to be a conscious decision. Still, he obliged, entering the compartment. "Well, yes, I suppose it was. It was very relaxing, and I got to see my other friends, which is always nice. And you?"

Christoph was sure that his eyes lit up at the trays of cupcakes. "I would love one," he said, taking the nearest cupcake and sitting down. "Am I the first person to come by?" From the looks of things, he would say that he was. Then again, someone could have been by and not taken a cupcake, but who in their right mind would do that? Helga was wonderful when it came to cooking and baking.

She sat up a bit straighter, folding her legs under her as she rested back against the seat. "I'm glad to hear that. Helped out at the bakery and the flower shop most of the time." Helga's hand strayed to the book on her lap, toying with the worn edges of the pages. "Much the same as always! Busy, but in a good way." She gave him a broad grin.

After he took a cupcake, she set the tray back down on the seat. "You are! Unless someone snuck in when I wasn't paying attention..." As if to consider this, Helga gave the trays a critical look. But finding all cupcakes present and accounted for (save the first sacrifice to the greater good that was now resting in Christoph's hand), she gave a satisfied nod. "Yes, you are the first. But we'll just have to see who else pops in~"

Armed with a load of Quibblers, Luna made her way down the narrow passageway reading one of them. Even though it looked as if she didn't have a destination in mind, she knew exactly where she was headed. The smell of cupcakes confirmed that she was getting close. She looked up from her magazine now and then to return greetings and hand them a Quibbler.

She finally reached the third car. Helga said she'd be here. Luna's radish earrings swung a bit wildly as she looked in each compartment for her. Ah! There she was!

"Hello, Helga!" she grinned. "Oh! Hello, Cristoph! Good to see you again. Goodness, you look tired."

"Luna!" Helga chimed, quite delighted to see the Ravenclaw girl stick her head into the compartment. "Hoorah, friend number two arrived to have a cupcake!" So saying, she picked up the tray of cupcakes and offered them over. "Won't you take one?"

Then she waved a hand at the empty seats. "And stay awhile! Christoph and I were just talking about our summers. I hope everything is going okay with your house." She eyed the stack of Quibblers in Luna's arms. "Of course, if you were able to get that printed, things should be quite alright, hmm?" She grinned.

"Oh, thank you! They smell wonderful." Luna said as she selected a cupcake and wafted over to a seat. She paused to take a bite of the cupcake before answering. "Yes, Daddy should be able to manage quite well without me now. Found most everything to replace. Daddy's a good inventor, so even if something missing, he can improvise. The press was on the other side, luckily, so The Quibbler is set for printing! Would you care for one?" She continued as she handed a magazine out to each of them while the cupcake balanced on one knee.

Percy popped his head in at this point, smiling in hopeful, naughty sort of way. "Hello Helga, I don't suppose I could wangle a cupcake could I?"

"I'm glad to hear that!" Helga said, completely relieved. "I really wish I could have come out to give you two a hand, even if it would be just cooking for helping clear out some of the mess... But it is a bit far to travel on my own..." She straightened up, brightening. "And I would love one!" Helga reached out for the proffered Quibbler.

Just as she was settling back into her seat, the bright red head of Percy poked in through the door. "Oh!" Helga gasped, another grin coming across her face. "You most certainly take a cupcake!"

"Oh excellent!" he beamed and took a cupcake. "I hope everything ended well with your house and your father," he said to Luna, looking concerned.

Poppy didn't have to look far for the cupcakes, they smelled delicious and they made the whole car smell like baked goods heaven. So naturally, she popped her head in and smiled at Helga.
"Good morning. It smells delicious!"

"Never fear, Helga! Cupcakes are here now." Luna reassured the younger redhead. "Why hello, Percy. Thank you, things are well in hand. Daddy should manage just fine." Yet another person appeared in the doorway, breaking her (nonexistent) concentration. "Oh, it's Poppy! Lovely to see you! Quibbler? Things are getting a bit crowded in here, perhaps I should find a compartment to settle into," she said as she stood up.

Oh no, don't leave on my account. I just popped in to say hello and get a cupcake. I wouldn't mind a Quibbler, though. *She didn't really believe the things in there, but it was, if nothing else, a thoroughly entertaining read*

"Actually I should head off too," Percy said, turning back to the door. "I have a book related appointment with Remus."

"Oh, dear, well, if you must--" Helga said, a frown darkening her expression for a moment. Of course, if she had it her way, all of her friends would be able to squeeze into the tiny compartment and eat cupcakes for the entire train ride and still be comfortable. This was, however, not possible as it was starting to get a bit cramped.

The smile returned and she waved at everyone in the car. "Book appointments are very important," she said to Percy. "Oh! That's right, it was your birthday a bit ago, wasn't it? Take another cupcake!" She sat up and offered the tray once again.

"Ooh," said Percy happily. "Don't mind if I do." He turned and snagged another cupcake before he left.

Rowena was all smiles as she carried a few books and her side bag onto the train with her. She knew Helga would be around with a smile and delicious baked goods and she longed to see her friend again. It didn't take long to find the compartment though the dark haired girl was caught off guard by the collection of people that had gone to see her redheaded friend.

"Am I interrupting?" She asked with a smile on her face, leaning against the door frame.

Helga would be able to identify that voice anywhere, and she hopped up to try and see over everyone's shoulders. "Rowena! I'm glad you could come!" She hopped again, and caught a flash of dark hair in the doorway. "There is a cupcake here with your name on it if only you could find it!"

Luna handed Poppy a Quibbler before turning and patting Helga absentmindedly on the shoulder. She wafted out of the crowded car to find a permanent settlement.

Rowena smiled and waved at Luna as the blonde left the compartment. She slipped in where the other ravenclaw had slipped out, being greeted with the wonderful Helga in front of her. An excited smile crossed the young ravenclaw's face.

"Helga! It's been too long! I've missed you so much!" She gushed, her eyes lit up with happiness. She spied the cupcakes the redhead had mentioned only moments ago. "Which one is for me?" Rowena bit her lip lightly, far too excited for the baked good.

Helga gave a wave to both Percy and Luna before giving an over-enthusiastic hug to Rowena. "It has been! I really wish I could have come to visit you over the summer, but I was kept so busy!" She selected a cupcake at seemingly random (it did have a bit more icing on it) and held it out to her friend. "This one was just begging to be for you!"

She reciprocated the hug happily, glad to be back with her friend. Rowena readily took the cupcake and took a big bite. It was simply amazing, as always.

"This is amazing! Thank you! Perhaps next time I'll come visit you over the summer. Mum and dad kept me rather busy over the holidays this year but I certainly missed you!"

"I'm sure Mom and Dad would love it if you came and visited!" Helga scooted over on the seat and gave room for Rowena to sit down without sitting in the cupcakes. "A lot of people in town think it's rather funny to hear another Rowena and Helga, too." She frowned for a moment, picking at tiny crumbs on her skirt. "Too bad Salazar isn't more friendly. Then we could joke about it being like old times." The frown was quickly replaced by the usual smile as she laughed at the idea.

She took a seat beside her friend and listened happily. "Not to sound like I'm stereotyping or anything, but the majority of the Slytherins I've met have seemed rather...well not nice for lack of a better word." She mimicked Helga's frown before taking another bite of the cupcake. Her frown was immediately replaced with a blissful smile.

"It would be so much fun though! Perhaps we should try chatting with him sometime? He can't be all bad I suppose."

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