The Era of Hogwarts: An All-Eras Harry Potter RP

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Log: Hogwarts Express
hogwartsmod wrote in eraofhogwarts
WHO: All Hogwarts students
WHAT: The train ride from King's Cross Station to Hogwarts School.
WHERE: The Hogwarts Express
WHEN: The train leaves the station at 11am on Thursday, September 1, 2011

The platform is bustling with students and their parents. Excitement permeates the air, as well as some nervousness from the incoming first years. The conductor's whistle blows - the signal for the last students to board the train. To an audience of proud parents, the train pulls out of the station, gaining speed as it goes...

OOC Information
Train Layout:
Each car has six compartments, and there are (for our purposes) five passenger cars and three luggage cars. There are no luggage cars on this thread, in the hopes of thwarting troublemakers, but if they are needed, they can be added. Each new thread within the cars should contain what number compartment it takes place in. (Example) It is not necessary for the compartment numbers to be in order.

Things to Know:
1) Though this log will remain open for as long as we need, please remember that the train ride is the equivalent of a single day.
2) There will be separate logs for each car. Students are free to pick a car and stay there, or wander between them. (Please keep in mind your timeline - make sure all your moves and stays are reasonable amounts of time. It would not be reasonable for you to be in two places at once, as no one has been issued a Time-Turner.)
3) Within each thread, assume that time flows chronologically. The first person to post within a car's thread, will be the first to arrive. Any subsequent posts should be considered to follow.
4) Remember that more than 6 people in a single compartment might be a little bit crowded...
5) Once your character has joined the fun, please remember to add your character's name to the tags.
6) The prefect meeting won't start until somewhere after halfway through the journey, so they are able to be in the first car, as well as other compartments for the first half of the ride!
7) Have fun and get to know each other all over again! Any questions, just ask!

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Quirrell ended up getting on the train as fast as he could. As much as he loved his mother, he didn't think he could stand her smoothing down his hair anymore or hugging him. You'd think she'd be used to this by now. At least she didn't stand out as a Muggle. His father always made sure of that. The last thing Quirrell needed was a fight with some jerk over his Muggle mother, especially since he was a Prefect. Top of the class was his aim, not to mention the House Cup.

He didn't feel like putting much effort into picking a compartment, so he picked one close to the prefect car so he wouldn't have to travel as far for the meeting. He slid the door closed with a sigh and put his bag on the floor with a thump. Looking around, he took in the familiar curtains, seats, wall, etc., before rummaging around in his bag for his book.

After tossing his bag and trunk on the rack above, he settled in with his book to wait for Christoph.

Dolores did as was expected of her as a Prefect: She stood there, arms crossed over her chest, and watched as students milled about. The silver and green P badge gleamed on her chest, standing out against her pink cardigan. She answered questions as they came, giving every student a honey-sweet smile and calling them "my dear" and pointing them in the right direction.

Then she claimed a compartment as her own (chasing out a third year Hufflepuff pair in the process) and settled in for the train ride. Oh, she couldn't wait for the Prefect's meeting! How interesting it would be to finally get to have a hand in the governing student body of Hogwarts!

It hadn't taken Rita long to find Dolores and, really, she knew that the other girl was possibly the only one she could sit comfortably with the entire trip. Not that her own house mates were horrid, but, well, perhaps they were just a bit horrid in her eyes. She had to spend the rest of the year with them, why not enjoy herself before arriving?

"It's finally September," she muttered, taking a seat across from Dolores. "Honestly, I thought this day would never come. Sometimes my family is quite irritating." She gave a smile. "So how was your summer? Very interesting, I assume? You've got quite the badge now."

"Indeed, summer seemed to stretch on so much longer than usual." Dolores made a show of inspecting her nails (a pale pink shade of course). "I suppose it took longer only because we were waiting anxiously for the new year." A smug grin graced her features at the mention of her badge, which was part of the reason she had been waiting so anxiously.

"Thank you!" she chimed, patting it once. "Once I saw it I just knew that my goals are going to become quite a reality." Dolores leaned in, covering her mouth with one hand even though there was no one else in the compartment but the pair of them. "Of course, I will be sure to only give you the best and most accurate information."

Having taken his leave from his family Lucius entered the train and secured himself an empty compartment to wait for Narcissa and Severus.

Narcissa bid goodbye to her own family ((parents? If Andy or Bella wants to remain attached to this thread, they can just claim they stayed with her)) on the platform, and went in search of Lucius. The summer had been far too long, and she was hoping catch him before he departed for the Prefects' carriage. Her luggage floated behind her like an errant pet.

"Lucius!" she greeted him with a smile when she found the appropriate compartment.

"Narcissa!" he greeted her, his face turned radiant at her arrival. "Come, do sit down. I have us a compartment." Standing he took her luggage in hand and stowed it for her.

((If her sisters are here he greeted them too))

The large boy pushed his way through the throng of students, making his way to an empty compartment. He lucked into finding one in the third car. With a smile on his face, he shuffled into the compartment, pulling out some beef jerky from his pocket as he did so. Hagrid settled into the seat as he chewed on his tasty treat, wondering if anyone else would end up coming by to see him. It would be a pretty lonely trip otherwise.

Luna didn't float down the 3rd car for long before she saw Hagrid sitting by himself. "Hello, Hagrid! Nice to see you again!"

He was about to take another bite when a wistful voice reached him. With a large grin, he looked up to see Luna nearby. "'Ello Luna! Hos goes yer day?"

"Wonderful! How about yours?" Luna replied as she swung into the compartment and flounced into a seat. She offered him a Quibbler from her stack.

Maneuvering the corridor of the train was always tricky for the first five minutes while the train was pulling out of the station. But Teddy managed it, deftly stepping out of the way of a pair of first year girls, already in their robes and chattering excitedly. Shrugging his bag higher onto his shoulder, he ducked into the first empty compartment he came across, hoping one of his friends would find him eventually.

Content to wait - given the sheer amount of chocolate his grandmother had shoved into his bag, he was sure that she thought he was best friends with everyone at the school - he pulled out a beaten up paper back copy of Casino Royale and started reading while he waited.

While he wanted nothing more than to just sit down and give his aching leg a break (he no longer had a limp, but it would start to hurt if he stood on it too long; the cuts hadn't looked that deep!), his duty as a Prefect (and a 7th year) came first and foremost. And so Remus spent a good part of the first hour of the train ride help other students find their pets, stow away their luggage, and find other Prefects.

Once he was certain that there were no more calls that needed his answering or pets that needed finding, Remus lugged his trunk down the narrow halls in search of somewhere to sit before he had to get right back up again for more Prefect duties. Luckily, that somewhere came complete with a Teddy.

The first thing he said as he closed the compartment door behind him was, "If anyone is looking for me, I'm not here." And with that, Remus plucked the shiny P badge from his jumper and slipped it into his pocket. Of course, this would be the one and only time he shirked Prefect duties. He claimed injury.

Then Remus gave a tired but cheerful grin to Teddy. "Hello there. Long time no see," he teased.

Without even realizing it, Teddy had gotten sucked into his book, making it almost halfway through it before he was interrupted. Looking up from his book, he grinned widely at his boyfriend. "I'll throw my cloak over you," he promised, setting the book aside and scooting over to make room for Remus next to him. "You can pretend to be the upholstery." He reached out to take the other boy's hand, tugging at him gently. "Sit," he commanded. "You already look tired."

Unsurprisingly, the last compartment of the last car was taken. But the one in front of it wasn't, so Amelia slipped in there, shoving her trunk into a corner. (Yes, she could have charmed it, made it light enough to put in the rack above the seats, but she didn't bother.) Slinging her shoulder bag onto the seat, she hurled herself down next to it.

And after a moment of sitting and watching the trees fly by, she dug into her bag for The Picture of Dorian Gray, leaning back against the window and stretching her legs out across the seat in front of her.

Salazar wanted to get as far away from the prefect car as he could for the first bit of the trip. Not that he wanted to shirk his duties as a prefect, but he wasn't ready for anyone to seek him out for cupcake feeding, either. As he'd mentioned in his journal that he was a prefect now, he knew it was wiser to be on the other end of the train for a little peace and quiet.

He slid the door open to see Amelia and smirked, bringing his small side bag in and moving to sit by the window across from her as though he didn't see her there. It was not part of his plan to sit in the same compartment with her, but he supposed it was wiser to pretend it had been as he rummaged through his side bag. "Mm..." he hummed curiously, charming a length of rope to wiggle much like a snake.

Honestly, she was so caught up in the book - a classic she had reread several times at this point but never failed to enjoy - that she didn't notice he was even there for a few minutes. She looked up, wondering if she had remembered to put a bottle of water in her bag before she'd left, and startled to see someone else sitting in her quiet compartment. And even more startled to see who it was.

She closed her book with a snap - her perfect memory allowing her to remember where her place was without a bookmark - smiled across the compartment at Salazar. "Sorry, I didn't notice you there. You should have said something."

Harry had agreed to meet Ron and Hermione in the first compartment of the last car, and that is where he settled himself. He had, reluctantly, resigned his luggage to a luggage car and carried only a large, sulky-looking black messenger bag, covered with pin badges, in which he'd stuffed a robe and some reading. He stretched his (new, longer!) legs out contemplatively as he rummaged for a book, and finally selected a book of poetry by Leonard Cohen, with which he'd fallen in love in a muggle bookshop he'd visited over the summer, and which he was fully prepared to endure any teasing for.

He adjusted the beat up bag which was slung loosely over his right shoulder. With a sigh, the redhead made his way to the compartment, his feet shuffling along the train floor. The door slid open with a bit of force as he was greeted with the sight of his best mate, Harry.

"Hey." He threw his bag down on the bench beside him as he himself took a seat across from Harry.

Harry dropped his book into his lap instantly, and gave Ron a happy grin. It had been a trying sort of summer, but the first sight of his best friend on the train always made everything seem brighter. "Hey!" Underneath the exuberance, though, he looked tired.

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