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Of Baba Yagas, Chuvash dragons and More
findthecourage wrote in eraofhogwarts
Who: Quirinius
Open: Yeah
When: Friday evening
Where: Library, geographic section, specifically DDC 915.
What: Quirrell's diving into his favorite thing.

The best part about finishing your schoolwork during the week, is that it left Friday nights for anything else you could think of to do. For Q, this meant filling his travel repository with his new geographical interest: Bulgaria. He scanned the shelves for the section he wanted and perused through the books there until he came across a couple that particularly caught his interest. The rest would still be there later. He brought his plunder to the table where he'd left his parchment and bag, and began to read.
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"Found anything interesting?" Tom asked as he took his place across from the strange Ravenclaw. He had just checked a few of his own books and had thought this the most promising seat, for multiple reasons.

The first thing Quirrell saw when he looked up was green. Great..... A Slytherin. The thought splashed itself across his face. "I, uh, uh, just st-started reading. Just g-general facts about the country right now." he replied. Geez, Q, get a grip! Hardly the commanding presence you want when faced with a Snake, he thought. "Though, it turns out that Baba Yaga originates here."

"Baba Yaga?" Tom leaned forward, fully aware of the Ravenclaw's obvious discomfort. He liked making other people uncomfortable. It usually resulted in them betraying important facts about themselves to him. Not to mention the control it gave him...
"Do enlighten me. Is that for a class?" He hardly understood why he wasted his time on this less-than-inspiring student....except that it was fun. And who knew? Perhaps one day he could be useful. Tom liked to think he had a more open-mind toward personalities and their worth.

(ooc: >:D))

In this more relished topic of conversation, Quirrell's tongue relaxed enough to stop stuttering for now. "Baba Yaga is a famous legend in the Slavic region. I suspect it has some base in reality, though. Though this witch was rather... eccentric." A picture of Luna formed in his brain before he brushed it aside to continue. "She flew around on a pestle, lived in a hut on chicken legs, kidnapped children, yet helped people. Word is still out on whether she ate the children though. That may have been embellishment." Q flipped to the page with a picture of her and slid it over to the Snake.

"This is hardly for a class. I research different places I'd like to go." Quirrell stopped. Why was he answering this guy? That wouldn't get him to go away any faster.

((OOC: Quirrell would have me inform you that he is hardly a less-than-inspiring student. He works hard to keep the top of his class. Less-than-inspiring person, however... XD))

"How intriguing." Tom glanced at the photo in vague interest. "And you're planning on visiting her country? That sounds like it would be quite the adventure! I'm sure you'd be able to find many fascinating magic theories or perhaps even items from someone like that! Does she have any living relatives?" Witches and wizards powerful enough to make it into myth always fascinated Tom. They always seemed to leave behind traces of very valuable magic. Powerful traces. Maybe Quirrell would be useful after all.

((ooc: and Tom would have you know that if your studies don't inspire him, then you're less-than-inspiring. XD Marks have nothing to do with it. XDDDDDD)))

"No idea. I just started researching all of this." Quirrell shot back, his irritation getting the better of him for a second. This guy, admittedly, was not the person he had been hoping would show up. He calmed himself. "But yeah, I'm planning on going there someday... You're interested in travel?" he asked, not quite successfully keeping the skeptical tone from his voice as he looked this neat, proper guy over.

Tom had to keep from laughing at the poor boy's irritation. Something about how his presence unnerved people always made Tom feel especially good about himself, as if he were simply that striking of a person that no matter who it was who came across him, they had to react in kind to his obvious superiority of being. Not that this came as a shock to him. He had always assumed himself to one of those exceptional ones whose very will would one day bend whole societies...Quirrell's agitation only seemed to confirm such sentiments in Tom's mind as he slid into his heartwarming smile.
"Of course, of course! I am simply intrigued, that's all. Legendary magic always fascinates me. And I do love travel. So much to be learned by other cultures and magical communities. I, too, plan on traveling abroad at some point." He replied calmly, cheerfully, and warmly, as if addressing a close friend in a pleasant chat, all the while analyzing the strange Ravenclaw in excited curiosity. He was such a funny personality! It was almost entertaining!

"Do you?" Quirrell asked. "Where to? Other cultures are definitely interesting. Muggle stories are fascinating! As are the cultures they've built up." Quirrell felt the tug to ask him to join Andromeda and him in planning a road trip, but he also really didn't want him to. He'd have to talk it over with her. This guy was annoyingly friendly for a Slytherin and it felt like he was assuming a closeness that they just didn't have.

"Well, I've been thinking of Romania, Iceland, Hungary, maybe Japan if I've the means...anywhere and everywhere. I'd love to go to Egypt. The magic arts there must be extraordinary." He puffed himself up at the word 'Muggle'. "Yes they are fascinating, aren't they? I've found need to study them myself as I believe them necessary to our future-and by 'our' of course I mean magical beings. You would be surprised how little attention we seem to be giving the mutual future of our two species." His reply was casual, just small talk, but in reality it was a test. Exactly how easy could this person be persuaded or "educated" on the matter? Or was he as thick-skinned and ignorantly idealistic as many other Muggle fanatics he knew?

"Mutual future?" Quirrell hadn't heard anything like this before. When the wizarding world talked about the magical and non-magic world, they kept the two separate. Except in his mixed family's case. Curious, for a Slytherin.

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