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Something Askew...
dreamily_gifted wrote in eraofhogwarts
Who: Luna
Open: only to Ravenclaws
When: after Dinner
Where: Ravenclaw Tower
What: Luna thinks something is not quite right about what happened at dinner.

Luna had a hard time even reaching Ravenclaw Tower from the Great Hall. Other students were laughing at her and jeering her, and some Slytherins had tried to start something, but a jinx on Ginny's part sent them packing. Some Ravenclaws had shuttled her to the Tower before she got to ask Ginny what was going on. The Headmaster's reaction was not what Luna had expected. It was as if he didn't know why she and Helga had done that. Also, why would the other students jeer her if she was trying to get their Hogsmeade weekend back?
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Amelia had taken the warning about Hogsmeade weekends as either a lie or horrid ignorance. And on the off chance that it wasn't, she wasn't entirely sure that she actually cared enough to do anything about it. But it was daring of Miss Lovegood to take it upon herself to try and rescue the students from a weekend trapped within the castle walls with each other, and Amelia found that she admired the girl a little more for it. On the way back to their House, she spied Miss Weasley defending her her friend from a pack of Slytherins (and really, "pack" didn't have quite a malicious enough ring to it) and immediately joined some of her housemates in whisking the girl back to Tower.

As soon as they stepped into the common room, Amelia could tell that Luna was almost on the verge of tears, and the older girl had the urge to wrap the girl in a blanket and ply her with hot chocolate. After thinking about it, she decided the blanket might be a bit much, but hot chocolate made everyone feel better. "Are you all right?" she asked the younger girl.

Luna came out of her thoughts enough to look up and recognize Amelia. "I'm... not sure, exactly. I'm used to people teasing me, but never in those numbers. I don't understand it. They read the report! That's what had to be done! But I still don't understand... Something's not right." she trailed off in confusion. Confusion was a frustrating state for a Ravenclaw. She was feeling rather unworthy of being a Ravenclaw.

((OOC: Poor Luna believes everything she reads.))

As much as Amelia believed in telling the truth as much as possible, she wasn't sure this situation really called for it. While it might have helped Luna in the future to not believe everything she read (Miss Skeeter's dispatches in particular), Amelia couldn't help but feeling that perhaps now wasn't the best time for that revelation.

Somewhat awkwardly -- she wasn't used to being the person doing the reassuring -- she put an arm around Luna's shoulders and steered her towards the couch closest to the fireplace and it's cheerful fire. "I think a lot of people didn't think the report about the Hosgmeade weekends was true," she said. And that at least was true. "But I think if they get their field trip, it will be worth it, don't you?"

Luna looked up at Amelia as she sat. "Yes, I suppose so. That was the idea, afterall." She stopped and smiled. "Most people wouldn't believe it, huh? No one hardly ever believes what Daddy writes, which I just totally don't get."

She sighed and played with the ends. "I was really looking forward to Hogsmeade. I enjoy spending the time with Neville."

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