The Era of Hogwarts: An All-Eras Harry Potter RP

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Cabin Fever
findthecourage wrote in eraofhogwarts
Who: Quirrell, Amelia, Remus, Christoph, Percy
Open: to Quirrell-y friends
When: afternoon on Quirrell's birthday
Where: outside
What: Q wants out and to spend his birthday with friends, not studying!

Having long since thrown his bag and books in his bed's general direction, the rebel Ravenclaw practically ran past the rest of his studious House, through the rest of the castle in pursuit of fresh air. Being an older student, it wouldn't do to out and out run, but if he didn't get out soon, Quirrell was going to be overcome and out-and-out run. Once he breached the castle door, he slowed down a bit, but he had all this energy out of nowhere.

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Remus was coming out of the library when he spotted the tail-end of his fellow Prefect disappear around the corner. Curious as to where he might have been going in such a hurry, Remus shouldered his bag and balanced his books more carefully before taking off after him. Quirinius had mentioned wanting to hang out--and now seemed like a perfect time to do just that seeing as he had no pressing things to study for.

Just outside the large doors of the castle, he once again located Quirinius, who had slowed his pace to a more manageable one. Remus easily caught up with him, shifting his books to one arm to give the young man a pat on the shoulder. "'Lo," he said cheerfully. "Might I join you? I promise I'll keep the books hidden from view."

Once her classes were done, Amelia had gone back to the tower to change out of her uniform, pulling on a comfortable pair of jeans and an emerald green blouse, and grabbing an ivory colored wool shawl for extra warmth before she dashed out of the dorm. She was eager for some time with some of her classmates that didn't involve classes or homework. She caught up with Remus and Quirrell at the castle doors, grinning and trotting up to them. "Hello, you two," she said cheerfully.

Remus turned and grinned at Remus. "You better keep them really well hidden. Can't stand the sight right now!" A flash of green caught his eye and saw the lovely Miss Bradford catch up to them. "H-hi, Am-melia. Heh!" he greeted as his face flushed a bit. To add insult to injury, a tree root tried to make a snatch at his foot. Suave, Q, very suave. If only he could talk to her with the same composure as in the journals!

((ooc: Whew! I really feel like Luna right now, lol! Neighbors threw something in their bonfire that they shouldn't and it blew up. Scared me good and proper lol!))

Amelia grinned at the other boys, nudging Quirrell gently in the ribs with an elbow. "You might have mentioned that your birthday was coming up, you know," she admonished him gently. "I would have had a little more time to get you a present, and make sure that I didn't get you something you already had." With that, she pulled a wrapped package from somewhere beneath her shawl, presenting what could only be a book to the other Ravenclaw.

Inside the wrapping was a rather think book on Eastern Europe, going into depth on not only many of the large cities but also many of the smaller ones and towns that might be missed in more common books. "Hopefully you don't already have this one," she said, smiling widely.

"Ah, geeze, Amelia, make me feel like a terrible person because I'm rubbish with gifts and never want to burden anyone with my terrible gift-giving," Remus muttered. "I hope you don't mind too much, Quirinius. But I thought it would be best if we forwent the awkward moment that always surrounds my gift-giving." All the same, he gave Amelia a cheerful grin.

"You're lucky you got such a nice break in the weather on your birthday," he said in an off-handed fashion. "If it was any colder, I think we'd all be holed up reading."

Quirinius was focused on not fumbling the present and dropping it in the dirt as the other two had their exchange. He had a wild notion what this could be: a book. Q was torn between being ecstatic that he had a gift from Amelia and his current disgust with books. Since that would vanish soon, however, he flipped through. He nearly tripped over his own feet when he saw Lviv featured in it. Now the hard part, thanking her. "Th- thanks! Th-this is g-great!" he choked out. "I'll l-look at it l-later, when I'm m-more in th-the mood f-for reading." He ended with another squeak of laughter and turned to Lupin. "Th-that's what layers are for. Holed up reading! Can't! No! More!" He writhed in mock pain.

Amelia laughed a little at Remus' admonishment, mostly because it was just a book. They were always fun to give or get, but they weren't exceptionally thoughtful presents in the slightest, to her mind. They were easy -- and thus quick to get on short notice. "You shouldn't feel like a terrible person, Remus," she said, rolling her eyes a little. "Now I just feel like an over-achiever. Again." She laughed a little at herself, but turned to look at Quirrell again and continued cheerfully. "But, I'm glad you like it."

She laughed again as Quirrell pretended to be in pain. "We do enough of that anyway," she pointed out. "Even when the weather is nice. Sometimes it's just nice to say, 'Fuck it,' and put the books down, though, isn't it?"

Quirrel nodded and led the way over to a grassy expanse where he promptly threw himself onto the grass and stared up at the sky. He sighed, "This is indeed comfort."

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