The Era of Hogwarts: An All-Eras Harry Potter RP

Cabin Fever
Who: Quirrell, Amelia, Remus, Christoph, Percy
Open: to Quirrell-y friends
When: afternoon on Quirrell's birthday
Where: outside
What: Q wants out and to spend his birthday with friends, not studying!

No more pencils, no more books! No more teachers' dirty looks!Collapse )

Something Askew...
Who: Luna
Open: only to Ravenclaws
When: after Dinner
Where: Ravenclaw Tower
What: Luna thinks something is not quite right about what happened at dinner.

???Collapse )
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Luna to the rescue!!!!! \0/
Who: Luna and the entire school population
Open: Yes. You don't want to miss this.
When: Dinner
What: Luna has taken it upon herself to save everyone's Hogsmeade weekend.


Of Baba Yagas, Chuvash dragons and More
Who: Quirinius
Open: Yeah
When: Friday evening
Where: Library, geographic section, specifically DDC 915.
What: Quirrell's diving into his favorite thing.

It was Quirrell in the library with the Sorceror's Stone.Collapse )
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Unfogging the future~!
dreams of death by water, ophelia, uncertainty
Who: Helga and anyone who would like their fortune told!
Open: Yes!
When: First Saturday after classes started, mid-afternoon
Where: On the shore of the Great Lake
What: Time to work on some Divination homework.

well, maybe she's making it foggier...Collapse )

(ooc: If you come in, please start individual threads if you would like your fortune told! Helga will be there for a long time and so people can come and go if they like. If you jump in to someone else's thread, you are there with that person. If you start a new one, please assume Helga is now by herself! So if you're jumping in when people are already there, please don't make a new thread. And yes, I will be doing readings for each character that jumps in ;D)

Log: Hogwarts Express
WHO: All Hogwarts students
WHAT: The train ride from King's Cross Station to Hogwarts School.
WHERE: The Hogwarts Express
WHEN: The train leaves the station at 11am on Thursday, September 1, 2011

The platform is bustling with students and their parents. Excitement permeates the air, as well as some nervousness from the incoming first years. The conductor's whistle blows - the signal for the last students to board the train. To an audience of proud parents, the train pulls out of the station, gaining speed as it goes...

OOC Information
Train Layout:
Each car has six compartments, and there are (for our purposes) five passenger cars and three luggage cars. There are no luggage cars on this thread, in the hopes of thwarting troublemakers, but if they are needed, they can be added. Each new thread within the cars should contain what number compartment it takes place in. (Example) It is not necessary for the compartment numbers to be in order.

Things to Know:
1) Though this log will remain open for as long as we need, please remember that the train ride is the equivalent of a single day.
2) There will be separate logs for each car. Students are free to pick a car and stay there, or wander between them. (Please keep in mind your timeline - make sure all your moves and stays are reasonable amounts of time. It would not be reasonable for you to be in two places at once, as no one has been issued a Time-Turner.)
3) Within each thread, assume that time flows chronologically. The first person to post within a car's thread, will be the first to arrive. Any subsequent posts should be considered to follow.
4) Remember that more than 6 people in a single compartment might be a little bit crowded...
5) Once your character has joined the fun, please remember to add your character's name to the tags.
6) The prefect meeting won't start until somewhere after halfway through the journey, so they are able to be in the first car, as well as other compartments for the first half of the ride!
7) Have fun and get to know each other all over again! Any questions, just ask!

Cupcake Trains!
listen this is the sound of myth
Who: Helga and you!
Open: Yes plz.
When: Shortly after the Hogwarts Express gets underway!
Where: One of the compartments, third car
What: Sit yer ass down and eat yer damn cupcake!

Or would it be 'Trains of Cupcakes'?Collapse )

A Chance Meeting
Who: Tom and Snape
Open? Technically.....
When: After Tom moves in with Fenrir, before school
Where: Diagon Alley
What: Tom runs into Snape after applying for a job at Borgin and Burkes an alley away.

When Great Minds CollideCollapse )

A Long-Anticipated Meet Up
Who: Neville and Luna
Open? Don't think so.
When: Saturday, around noon.
Where: Starts at the Leaky Cauldron, goes to Diagon Alley
What: Neville and Luna meet up to go shopping and talk about their summers.

Of course he likes herCollapse )
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Escape from the disgusting Muggles
Who: Fenrir and Tom
Open? No, unless your name is Bellatrix.
When: Late at night.
Where: Starts at the orphanage and then goes to Fenrir's place.
What: Fenrir goes to visit Tom and when he leaves, Tom just happens to follow. No really, that's what's happening.

Muggles are stupid. They shouldn't be able to breed.Collapse )


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