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Escape from the disgusting Muggles
effingsexy wrote in eraofhogwarts
Who: Fenrir and Tom
Open? No, unless your name is Bellatrix.
When: Late at night.
Where: Starts at the orphanage and then goes to Fenrir's place.
What: Fenrir goes to visit Tom and when he leaves, Tom just happens to follow. No really, that's what's happening.

Fenrir made a face at the orphanage. It smelled disgusting and he couldn't figure out why Tom hadn't left this ragged place earlier. Never mind the Muggle government, always sticking their nose into things. They wouldn't notice one boy missing -- especially one that went to a boarding school that an orphan couldn't afford.

He pushed open the back door of the place and crept inside. He had to hold back from going to each individual bed to just take in the innocence. That smell, above all others, truly got to him. It was intoxicating and all he wanted to do was ruin it.

He shook his head and turned his focus to more important things: finding Tom. He turned a corner, then grinned as his friend's familiar scent reached his nose. He pushed open a door and smirked at the other wizard. "I don't see how you can stand to be around so many Muggles. It's so disgusting that I would refuse. And you know how I sometimes enjoy ragged beds."

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Tom's heart nearly exploded. It'd been too long since he'd been surrounded by people of his caliber aka anyone not Muggle born. How he had missed it!

"Trust me, Fenrir, I really don't know myself. They're lucky to be alive, they really are." He said through gritted teeth. "I've decided I'm not coming back though. It's time." he smiled at the ragged bed comment. "A ragged bed among friends or by oneself is rather different than one among cockroaches, which is really rather preferable to this." He waved his hand to indicate the orphanage. "Well, I've packed. Where are we going? Not that it matters as long as it's not here."

An excited shiver ran down Fenrir's spine at Tom's simple words of "It's time." He knew they both wanted more for the wizarding world, but Fenrir wouldn't kid himself in thinking he could do it by himself. As soon as the public found out he was a werewolf, they would turn on him. No, he needed Tom there to be the figurehead. He was a pure wizard, one untainted by animal blood. He was also very easy to convince when needed.

"If you prefer cockroaches, then you'll love my place. I haven't had time to clean it up yet. Well, time or motivation." Fenrir smirked, looking over Tom's room. "I'm sure you'll feel right at home there if this is what you're used to. Or maybe you'll clean it up for me since you're so much better at those charms. Perhaps then I can stand to bring Bella by. She misses you, by the way. She and I agree that our get-togethers would be more interesting with you."

Tom had to give the wolf credit: he knew how to scratch where Tom itched. His overly large ego had been suffering as of late, and his friend's obvious excitement and mentioning of Bella's feelings and such were exactly the medicines he required. Of course their get-togethers would be more interesting with him around! Who could ever doubt that?! They needed him, and, though he would never admit it to himself, he needed them too. They were the necessary ingredients to his concoction for the future. Loyal followers ready to do the darkest of deeds. Deeds he hoped would soon be coming...he was certainly ready, had enough study. Time to do .

"I'm sure the place is absolutely lovely. Filled with nice, clean, wizardly air." He stood and breathed deeply, grabbing a small sack as he did so. "Ready, then? Let's be off before my temptation to set the place on fire gets the better of me."

"Not so wizardly, I'm afraid." Fenrir opened the door to leave the room. "After all, I'm more animal than wizard. You'll have to deal with the smell of wet dog until you can cast your own air frequency. Until then, suffer with my own scent. I'm sure you enjoy it." He looked down the hall and took a deep breath. It was so very tempting to come back here during a moon and have a nice feast.

He snorted as they went down the hallway. "At least wait to set the place on fire until after I've had a damned good meal from this place. They're so damned innocent and you know those taste the best." Never mind that he could never completely remember a night of being a werewolf. He just assumed on the taste more than anything.

"Oh don't put yourself down like that." Tom huffed as he followed, barely even paying attention to where he was going. "Our silly government does it enough already. In my opinion, you're more wizard than some other half-breeds we give full rights to. And I don't at all mind your scent! It makes me feel like I'm living out in the country for a change." he chuckled softly as he made his way down the hallway.
"I'm not sure innocent is the word I would use, but I understand your point. Have at it. It's not like I would care in the slightest. I could even point out a few who deserve it most." he replied flippantly, as if the idea of maiming young Muggle children was as trivial as doing one's laundry.

Fenrir snorted. "I'm not putting myself down. I like what I am and I'm damned proud of the fear I can put into someone by just staring at them." He opened the front door and then shoved his hands in his pockets as he continued walking. "I'm not some frilly country cottage, so don't start calling me that. I smell like wet dog most of the time now, sorry. And don't tell me you like that smell. I see how you look when I get out of the showers after a moon."

Not that Fenrir really cared what Tom thought (or actually looked like). His friend could think whatever the hell he wanted, Fenrir wasn't going to change any of his habits. At the mention of being able to pretty much feast at the orphanage, he glanced back at the building and licked his lips. "Not that I'd care who's innocent and who isn't when the time came."

At this Tom just laughed- he really was too happy at the thought of leaving.
"No its not quite to my liking, friend. "he winked. "Ah but the sacrifices we must make!" At this he chortled again.
The cool, night air hit him like the voice of an angel. This was it. He was leaving. A lifetime devoted to his whims and wishes was at his fingertips. It was going to be so....grand.

"Eat them all. I don't care." He called after Fenrir, practically skipping down the sidewalk. "Goodness knows the Muggle world could use a bit of healthy fear. And discipline." He checked over his shoulder to be sure no one was watching...not that he was too concerned. He had cast the necessary spells, after all. never knew when a spare janitor might be lurking about.

Fenrir just shook his head, not bothering to try to understand everything Tom was thinking. Sure, he would have been happy to get out of that place, but to act like this? It was downright strange. Still, he wasn't about to step in and try to tell him that; they needed each other and he didn't want to break that.

He paused at the end of the road, looking around to make sure nobody else could see them. "Aren't they supposed to get their fear during October? That Hallow's Eve thing?" He shook his head. "Never mind, sometimes I forget how strange they are. Discipline, however, is always needed." He smirked and held out his hand. "Come on, let's just go. A simple jump and we'll be to my hovel."

A part of Fenrir was glad to have Tom back with him. He would never admit it, but he was lonely at night with no other noise with him. He couldn't wait to have a pack. For now, Tom would do, but only for now.

Bellatrix was waiting for them to appear, leaning against the wall of Fenrir's house ever so casually. She's been waiting for the past half-hour, quite patiently she thought. There had been only once instance of contemplating the possibility of breaking into the house and just waiting inside. In the end, the chance of Fenrir being incredibly mad at her for that outweighed how fun it would be to get him mad.
Plus it smelled. Bella had gotten slightly desensitized to it over the summer, but it still smelled.

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