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Unfogging the future~!
dreams of death by water, ophelia, uncertainty
blessed_broc wrote in eraofhogwarts
Who: Helga and anyone who would like their fortune told!
Open: Yes!
When: First Saturday after classes started, mid-afternoon
Where: On the shore of the Great Lake
What: Time to work on some Divination homework.

Helga sat with her legs curled up beneath her, a blanket on her lap to keep away the chill despite the sun poking out from between the clouds. She had a small basket beside her with a few of the left-over cupcakes (and here she had been thinking she hadn't made enough!) and a flask of warm tea (kept warm, of course, by a handy charm her grandmother taught her).

She was trying to work on her Divination homework. It was somewhat review from the previous year, though at a bit more complicated level. Unfogging the Future was spread open on the grass next to the basket of cupcakes, open to the 'cartomancy' chapter, and she read it over as she shuffled the deck of cards.

Her brow creased as she tried to understand one of the spreads, when suddenly the cards leaped from her hands and several spilled onto the grass around her. She was about to pick them up when the Professor's voice came back to her: Never leave loose cards to chance!

So instead, Helga quickly set aside the remainder of the deck and started to investigate the spilled cards. "Let's see... Two and three of diamonds: love affair leading to disapproval and a domestic argument. Then next would be... Seven, nine and six of hearts: unfaithful person concealing wishes and good fortune. Hmm..." She stared at the cards a moment longer before beginning to gather them back up again. "I wonder who that was intended for~"

(ooc: If you come in, please start individual threads if you would like your fortune told! Helga will be there for a long time and so people can come and go if they like. If you jump in to someone else's thread, you are there with that person. If you start a new one, please assume Helga is now by herself! So if you're jumping in when people are already there, please don't make a new thread. And yes, I will be doing readings for each character that jumps in ;D)

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I hear you're doing fortunes. *Poppy doesn't really believe in fortune telling, but it seems like a bit of fun and she's always up for helping someone with their homework*

Helga looked up suddenly as she heard the voice. "Oh, hello Poppy! So nice to see you around even after you graduated!" And of course, she meant it. It was sad to think that just because her friends had graduated that she wouldn't be able to see them ever--or often.

She patted the deck of cards and grinned. "Yes, I am! Would you like to help me practice?" She held out the deck towards the older girl.

The dark haired ravenclaw was walking along the shore of the great lake, her nose buried in a copy of Hogwarts: A History. She'd read the book at least twenty times over by now but she still loved to read it.

She had just finished reading the eleventh chapter when she decided to look up to give her eyes a break. Rowena was delighted to see her good friend Helga nearby, playing with some cards.

Upon closer inspection as she neared the redhead, she noticed the book her friend had open. "Hello Helga. Are you working on Divination homework?" She asked inquisitively.

Helga was humming to herself as she shuffled the cards idly. When she heard her name being called, she turned to find Rowena standing a few feet away and smiled. "I am! We're working on fortune telling with cards." She held up the worn deck. "Would you like to help me practice?"

She smiled happily. "Of course!" She crossed the distance between them rather quickly and took a seat on the ground in front of the hufflepuff. She put her legs to the side, not wanting to worry about her skirt too much. Rowena placed an old, worn bookmark in the book before closing it to give Helga her full attention. "Let's see what the fates have in store for me."

She grinned, and started to shuffle the cards with a bit more determination. After cutting the deck and shuffling a bit more, Helga laid out the cards in the grass between them. "Hmm..." she said with a small frown. "This reading doesn't look all that pleasant..." With a sigh, she pointed to the card in the middle of the reading, the Queen of Spades.

"This one will indicate you, as it was the first card to be laid down and normally represents a dark-haired woman! To the left, the four of clubs represents changes for the worst and lies, then the nine of spades is bad luck in all things!" Helga's frown deepened as she glared accusingly at the cards. "And now, on the other side of the Queen of Spades, is the seven of hearts, which is broken promises or an unfaithful person. Here at the end, though, is the King of Hearts." She tapped that card. "I'm not too sure if this means that, if you go down the path that contains an unfaithful person that the person in question will be the one this card represents, or if after the unfaithful person you will meet this one."

Helga made a disappointed noise and pulled a final card from the deck. After studying it for a few seconds, she seemed to cheer up a bit and placed it down. "This card represents the overall outcome, and it means love, friendship, and the possible start for romance!" She winked at Rowena. "Maybe you should meet this mysterious King of Hearts, hmm?"

She watched Helga do her reading, feeling a little disheartened. It seemed quite depressing so far but when the hufflepuff witch turned the last card, Rowena was surprised.

"Too bad I can't think of a single person who's romantically interested in me." She looked at Helga with a small laugh. "I'm glad it's not all negative though. You've gotten very good at this however!"

It had seemed much to Lily that everything was sort of crawling forward, without much else going on about her. Oh, sure, there was plenty going on in the school, and she knew too many people to not be aware of every hiccup (of which there seemed to be many). The point was, however, that Lily herself had felt very detached from the whole of the situation.

Even if her social life was a bit dull at the moment, she couldn't deny one fact; she went to one of the most beautiful schools in the world. Sure, there was a lot of hullabaloo over gossip, and suspicious activity happening around her, but all it took to cheer her up was a walk around the grounds.

She pulled her hair up out of the way, and into a ponytail as she walked, eyes to the ground. When lifting her head next, Lily smiled at the sight Helga presented, making her way closer.
"'Lo, there!" she called, taking in the sight, "Last minute homework?"

Speaking of hiccups, Helga was dismayed to find that she had contracted a slight case of them after a little event concerning an attempt at drinking tea shortly before she found a bug of some sort crawling over her ankle. It lead to a startled squeak, swallowing the tea the wrong way, and several coughs. And then, of course, hiccups.

"Oh - hic - dear," she muttered, trying to return to shuffling the cards. But at the next hiccup, several cards jittered from her hands and fell scattered about her. "Okay, this doesn't count."

Just as the red-head started to gather up her cards once again, she heard footsteps and saw Lily coming over. "It's always list minute homework around here," Helga said with a laugh (and then another hiccup). "Well this is mostly just practice."

Concern all over her face, she knelt, helping to gather the cards before they decided to blow away. Passing the cards back to their owners, she sent a helpful look with them.
"I know a few of the muggle remedies for hiccups, if you wants to give them a try. Sometimes they work. Mostly, they're just for show." Lily laughed, settling on the grass.

She peered at the cards, admitting softly, "I was rubbish at tarot when my class covered it. How do you do it?"

"I'll be willing to - hic - try!" Helga said, her cheeks going a bit warm with embarrassment. It was hard to hold a conversation when one couldn't speak without hiccuping! She held her breath for a moment, hoping to steady it before continuing.

"I always thought you had to have a good feel for the cards themselves! While these are just playing cards, I know that for tarot you need to understand the deck as a whole." Helga started to shuffle them again, mostly to put her hands to work. "One of the ladies back home reads tarot and palms and stuff like that. She helped me with my summer homework for Divination." Helga offered Lily a grin... and then hiccuped again.

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