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Luna to the rescue!!!!! \0/
dreamily_gifted wrote in eraofhogwarts
Who: Luna and the entire school population
Open: Yes. You don't want to miss this.
When: Dinner
What: Luna has taken it upon herself to save everyone's Hogsmeade weekend.

When Luna had read the most recent Hogwarts Herald, she knew she had to take immediate action for the sake of her other students. There was no time for thought. She spoke to no one about it. They weren't open-minded enough to do what had to be done.

At dinner, she waited until she had eaten a little. With a look of concentration on her face, she swung away from the table and walked with determined steps up towards the High Table where sat the waiting Headmaster. She saw head after head look up and watch her as she passed.

She reached the Headmaster and faced him with a calm stare. Suddenly, she started jumping up and down while flapping her arms like a chicken. "Z, Y, X, W, V, U, T..." she recited inbetween breaths.

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Quirrell had read the pamphlet as well. He had immediately dismissed it for a load of waffle. However, as soon as he saw Luna pass him and head for the front, he knew at once what she was about to do. All he could do was gape after her for a second. He was suddenly quite angry. What was with this chit? She was a freaking embarrassment to the Ravenclaw House!! He swiveled back to his food and put a hand over his eyes, appetite totally gone.

With the pamphlet still in hand, Lily would have been lying if she'd said she'd noticed much more than a bit of movement out of the corner of her eye as Luna got up. It was really rather difficult to pay attention to anything else when there was such blather in front of her.

Not that she was one to really entertain gossip, but it was really a bit like watching a train wreck.

Of course, she thought, the sound of Luna's voice jerking her head toward the head table, so was this...
Sure, there was a spark of admiration at her friend's willingness to distract, but there was also a pang of sympathy. Luna had it hard enough. This was just going to make things worse for her.

Rita hadn't actually expected anyone to go through with the challenge. However, when he noticed that one girl was walking her way up to the head table, she had to clap a hand over her mouth to stop from giggling like a first year.

When the girl actually started to flap her arms and recite the alphabet backwards, she couldn't hold it in. Rita stuffed a bit of her napkin in her mouth to stifle her laughter at the sight.

MEANWHILE at the other end of the Hufflepuff table--!

Helga had been in the middle of describing the purpose of a rolling-pin to a pair of curious second-years when she caught Luna moving up towards the front of the hall out of the corner of her eye. Her voice trailed off mid-sentence and she watched for a few curious seconds before realising what was happening.

Wait, she had wanted to help too!

Leaving the tale of the rolling-pins unfinished, Helga scrambled to her feet and up to the front of the hall. Only hesitating long enough to try and figure out her place in the alphabet, she joined in on the hopping and the flapping (it felt rather silly, but quite fun at the same time!), and saying "N, M, L, K--"

Re: MEANWHILE at the other end of the Hufflepuff table--!

Hearing a second voice join the recitation with her own, Luna turned and saw Helga. How nice of her! It was unnecessary for her to come up too, but it was good to know someone else cared about the other students to do what was necessary. The Great Hall had exploded in noise around her and she had to shout the last bit of the alphabet. It was so loud, that it was hard to pick out the laughter from the jeers.

As Luna finished the last few letter, "D, C, B, A!!" she panted a bit as she ceased hopping to wait for the Headmaster's decision. She hoped he would be reasonable and return the Hogsmeade privileges. What the other students had to done to get them taken away must have been very bad. She'd have to go and send Daddy a letter to see if he had heard about it.

The Headmaster was silent, if not very surprised, as he watched the display. He waited until the crowd seemed to calm down just enough, then raised his hands to ask for silence.

"While I'm not entirely too sure what brought on such a marvelous performance by our students, I do feel that it is necessary to reward such creativity. Fifty points apiece for the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff houses." He gave them a gentle but amused smile. "And maybe next time we can work to arrange a bit of a meal-time performance."

Tom sighed in disbelief, saying to no one in particular:
"This is how we reward idiocy and gullibility, then? We wizards sure are losing our pride quickly..."

He eyed the two Hufflepuff's with disdain, a stray thought entering his brain upon what HE would've done had Hogwarts been in HIS possession.

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