The Era of Hogwarts: An All-Eras Harry Potter RP

A Little Founders Time~
absent smile, girlish giggle, dreaming of love
Who: Helga and Rowena!
Open? Mmm let's just keep it to founders for now ;)
When: A drizzly day in mid-March
Where: Great hall during lunch!
What: Just giving you some more founders fun, since we haven't had any for awhile ;)

A bit of studying~Collapse )
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The blustery day
Who: Luna
Open: Yes
Where: Outside courtyard
When: Weekend afternoon
What: Luna has decided to put the wind to "good" use.

Music synonyms: a cappella, acoustic, air, bebop, bop, chamber, classical, folk, fusion, hard rock, harmony, heavy metal, hymn, instrumental, jazz, measure, melody, modern, opera, piece, plainsong, popular, ragtime, rap, refrain, rock, rock and roll, singing, song, soul, strain, swing, tuneCollapse )
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(no subject)
dutiful daughter
Who: The Slytherin House
Open: to Slytherins
Where: Common Room
When: Backdated to Bella's birthday
What: A (surprise) birthday party!

And if it's crowded, all the better, Because we know we're gonna be up late.Collapse )
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Of Drinking and Unlikely Friendships

Who: Poppy and eventually Fenrir
Open: Why not?
Where: the Hog's Head. You think seventh years don't know how to sneak out of the castle? Haha.
When: Oh, say, Friday night sometime.
What: Poppy's sick from having too much stress with a side order of confusion- heavy on the denial. The cure is obviously booze.
And reckless Slytherins.

For all that this was a night to throw all her Ravenclaw savvy to the wind and all, Poppy had brought her own glass. One couldn't be too careful at the Head. After all, they didn't exactly care if she was a student, why would they care to make sure the glasses were properly cleaned? Oh, but what did she worry for? Tonight was a night to call forth the spirits from old songs and lose all her troubles in something unpronounceable and vaguely poisonous-looking. She was sure a green that vibrant had to be bad for her, but she drank the drink anyway. It was the only thing she could truly do for herself.
Honestly, Poppy was good at making others feel better. Herself? Not at all.

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Sent to Ron.
A birthday card with a red headed quidditch player in Chuddley Canons.

Happy Birthday Ron

(I hope my charms work to change the colour of the picture isn't too sloppy)


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[READ ME: For this post, Remus is the first to find Fenrir. Feel free to start a new thread HERE and Fenrir will find you. :) This post will take place for an entire day, so please write (in the subject line) where your character is and the time of day. That'll keep us all straight. Any questions, drop me a line!]

Who: Fenrir and Remus ... and anyone else.
Open: Yes!!!
Where: All across Hogwarts + Hogwarts grounds!
When: ALL day!
What: Fenrir ate something funny and now he's a bit out of it.

Let the loopy-ness begin.Collapse )

Mapping Plans
following you step by step
Who: Remus, Cedric, and Lily
Open? Nope, sorry
Status: Complete
When: Right after the Prefect meeting
Where: In the hall outside the Prefect's meeting room
What: When mod wants to break canon, canon is broken Remus turns to Cedric and Lily for help on a little project.

It's almost like prefects breaking the rules!Collapse )

Cabin Fever
Who: Anyone
Open: Yes
Where: Nicely lit study hall off of a corridor near the library where there are lots of tables and a few windows and there's a particular line of ants traveling across a rather large-ish statue on the North wall where the cloud light is hitting it just so and one would never notice unless one happened to look over just then.
When: Just after classes on a Monday.
What: Luna is sitting.

When all the words run together.Collapse )
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Some days, I'm so blue, I can't even feel my toes...

Who: Nym and Andromeda
Open: There are theoretical possibilities for its openness at least to Hufflepuffs - Nym's emotions sometimes get loud.
Where: First, a convenient corridor for the two friends to meet.  Second, the Hufflepuff common room.
When: Just after classes some day nearish the 20th of February...
What: Nym and Andromeda meet for a very belated gossip sension which has now evolved into an occasion for mopery.

Nym was never patient at the best of times...Collapse )

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I'm a Givin' Way
Who: Harry and Ron
Open: Not even close.
Where: The Gryffindor common room, to start, but it will probably be ambulatory.
When: Shortly after  this journal entry.
What: His dreams having reached new levels of wretched, Harry finally prepares to tell Ron something of them...

Harry stood with his back to one wall, near the portrait hole...Collapse )
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